This is a script that will create array containing colors from the Material Design Color Palette.
Physics based game engine with fake 3D look
Simulate realistic water/liquid in your game
Complete game engine of the 10x10 board puzzle game
Create blood/paintball splashes in your game
This is a complete Mahjong Game Engine.
With this asset you can create two Sierpinski Fractals
A real-time plasma effect written entirely in GML.
This is a sprite based GML keyboard
N-body simulation using verlet integration
Warping grid for your games
This asset will help you with scaling games on mobile devices
Two fast scripts for making convex polygons or spirals from arbitrary set of points
Handy tool for time management
Light and Shadows engine for Game Maker: Studio
Test blend modes in Game Maker: Studio
Complete match 3 engine for Game Maker: Studio
Challenging, colorful arena shooter with tanks !!!