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This engine must be used with GameMaker: Studio 2 or 2.3. If you don't have GameMaker: Studio you can download it from www.yoyogames.com

True water and jellies.

This asset use Liquid Fun physics particles and shaders to simulate realistically looking water and jellies.


  • Six variations of fluid (solid color, semi-transparent, solid with foam, semi-transparent with foam, semi-transparent with water distortions, semi-transparent with foam and water distortions
  • Control transparency, color, foam size
  • Realistic water/liquid simulation
  • Realistic Jelly simulation
  • Shader included to make liquid more realistic
  • Very fast thanks to Liquid Fun engine
  • Can create liquids/jellies in different colors
  • Can turn on/off color mixing
  • Water and jellies react with other physics objects
  • Objects with smaller density than water can float on it
  • Fluid collisions with physics objects can now be detected easily
  • You can delete fluid in any area using special objects

download demo mirror1

download demo mirror2

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Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

True Water and Jellies_G23.yyz 3 MB
True_water_and_jelly_G2_8.yyz 3 MB


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Hi, this is because GMS  physics objects works after physics world is created. When placing objects in the editor we must ensure that object which creates physics world  is created before anything else.

You have  three options:

-Leave that code and place your objects in the editor and the code recreates them after world creation

-Remove the code but give this object   high depth eg. 1000 so it will be created first

-Remove the code and place all objects using code after world creation

Thank you so much!

Hello- big question regarding the demo code .
In the create event of the demo controller, there's a section that says 'Delete this in your project', but when I remove the section, collisions no longer work.

I looked through the event, and it looks like it just copies collision objects and re-creates them- I don't know why this allows collision and the original objects do not.

Thank you for your help!

Hey- great work here, looks fantastic. I appreciate your work and am looking forward to putting it to use!

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Thanks! Have fun with it

This is quite remarkable. 

Thank you!